Unfortunately, once the schedule is posted, we are not able to reschedule game times/locations for any given game. If you have a request to play at a specific time (earlier/later) for a specific date, please let us know as soon as you register, so that we can take it into consideration to try and accommodate the request when creating the schedules. If you have a specific playoff request, please let us know as soon as you finish your regular season, so that we can try to accommodate the request before the schedule goes live.

If your team cannot make it to a game, there are some tools you can use on our website to try and help you get the minimum player requirements for a game. 

The sub-finder tool: you can access it by clicking on the game time and date for the day your team is short players, then clicking on "get subs for this game", which will help you find players to meet the minimum requirements for a game. 

Contacting the opposing team captain: you can get the other team captain's information by clicking on the game time and date for any given game, and message them directly through our system, in the event that you're not able to field the minimum player requirements for the game after trying to find subs. 

Formal cancellations, change of venues, and or change of times or days may occur on short notice under extenuating circumstances. Rescheduled games due to cancellations or venue disruptions may be played on a different night of the week, at a different (but comparable) venue, or at a different time than originally posted.

Games, where teams play the incorrect opponent, will not be rescheduled.  The score will be reported as a tie.

If you need any assistance with any of the above, you can always reach us at info@jamsports.com, and we are happy to try and help.