Don't have a team to join? Don't worry! We won't let you be like this guy.

For most of our sports, you have the option to register as an individual. Once you are registered in a league, you will be placed on a team with other individuals. If you and a couple friends want to play together but don't have enough people to form your own team, this is still a great option! When you sign up you will be prompted to make co-player requests; enter the names of the people you want to be on a team with, and we will do our best to keep you together.

If you can’t commit to a full season, you can sign up to be a sub. Once you have created an SSC account, go to the ‘Profile’ tab and then to ‘Be a sub’. From here you will be able to set alerts to let you know when teams are looking for an extra player for a specific game. Sub spots are first come first serve, so be sure to respond to alerts quickly!