What is the Registration Deadline?
Registration deadline day is the last official day to register for a program in a specific season before you are locked in and spots begin to close. Generally, this is 14 days before the program start date.

Can I still Register after the Deadline?

Members may still register for select programs after this deadline however, no guarantees can be made regarding program availability. Please register before this date for your best chance to get into your desired program.

What about cancellations?


Updated March 31, 2021

A) CANCELLATION REQUESTS MADE 14 DAYS OR MORE BEFORE THE ORIGINALLY POSTED START DATE OF YOUR PROGRAM: 100% refunds will be granted for any cancellation requests made 14 days or more before the originally posted start date of that particular program. No questions asked! Go ahead and register with confidence knowing that you can get a full refund if something comes up within this time frame. For example: if your original program start date is May 15th, just let us know that you need out before the end of the day on May 1st. If you prefer, we can provide you with full-value credits that can be used for a future registration instead - your choice.

B) CANCELLATION REQUESTS MADE WITHIN 14 DAYS OF THE ORIGINALLY POSTED START DATE OF YOUR PROGRAM: Cancellation requests of this nature will not be accepted. No credits or refunds will be issued. For example: if your program starts on May 15th, cancellation requests will not be accepted on May 2nd or beyond. We need this time to prepare for the launch of the program and a registration change will impact this process.

EXCEPTION: For extenuating circumstances, we will try our best to sell your spot to another member (essentially replacing you in the program).

If we are successful at selling your spot, we will issue you a credit equal to the amount received from the spot sale. There are no refunds. NOTE: it is possible that the amount received from the spot sale may be less than what you originally paid (e.g. the program has already started, and we are only able to sell your spot at a prorated price).

If we are not successful at selling your spot, there will be no compensation issued. The spot will remain yours.

C) MISSED GAMES DUE TO UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES. For any programs that are cut short or otherwise cannot be played due to unforeseen circumstances out of JAM's control (interruption to venue access, foul weather, labour dispute, government mandate, etc.), JAM will endeavour to provide full value to all participants with the following possible outcomes:

  • Reschedule games to an alternative date or location, or
  • Extend program dates beyond the original time frame in order to get games played, or
  • Issue credits to all affected participants on a pro-rated basis. NOTE: Any credits that are issued will be calculated based on the "Program Fee" portion of the registration (75% of the total registration fee). Credits will NOT be issued based on the "Member Fee" portion of the registration (25% of the total registration fee). There are no refunds for missed games.

JAM will do our best to help our members by ensuring credits are applied equally between all team members, transfer credits to friends or family members, and transfer credits between regions where our programs operate (as requested by the credit holder).